Woza at NASA POWER Summit 2023: Pioneering Innovation on the Global Stage

Woza at NASA POWER Summit 2023: Pioneering Innovation on the Global Stage

In the dynamic world of innovation, few opportunities are as awe-inspiring as an invitation from NASA. We are thrilled to announce that Woza, a company dedicated to developing deep-tech solutions for global challenges, has been invited to the 2023 Annual NASA POWER Global Community Summit. This two-day event is set to be a celebration of cutting-edge technology and collaboration, and it's a tremendous honor to be part of it.

Breaking Barriers with NASA POWER

NASA's Prediction of Worldwide Energy Resources (POWER) project is renowned for its role in providing valuable data and tools to researchers, scientists, and innovators worldwide. At Woza, we've long admired NASA's commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and technology, making this invitation a dream come true.

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Our CEO, Sebastian Priolo, Takes the Stage

At the heart of this remarkable opportunity is our CEO, Sebastian Priolo, he's been invited to pitch Woza's groundbreaking work at the NASA POWER Global Community Summit. Sebastian's dedication to finding innovative solutions for global challenges aligns perfectly with NASA POWER's mission.

A Two-Day Feast of Innovation

The NASA POWER Summit promises to be an event like no other. Over two days, we will be immersed in a world of innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. From engaging discussions with NASA experts to networking with fellow innovators, this event is a melting pot of ideas and possibilities.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to NASA POWER for recognizing Woza's potential and inviting us to this prestigious event. We are humbled and excited to be part of the NASA family, even if just for a brief moment.

More about: https://power.larc.nasa.gov/global-community-summit-2023/

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