Woza Takes the Lead in Climate Action: Part of GSUP3's COP28 Elite 20

Woza Takes the Lead in Climate Action: Part of GSUP3's COP28 Elite 20

20 innovative #climatetech companies from 13 countries have been selected for this year’s #GSUP3 #COP28 cohort! From platforms that join the dots on sustainable policies, or monitor bee mortality, to ingenious compact farming systems and circular economy solutions promoting better waste management, we have another broad cohort that reflects the breadth of the Alliance and the global appeal of the programme.

C1 - Biodiversity
Algas Brasil (BR) - seaweed cultivation
GeoApis - bee mortality monitoring
OnePlanet (UK) - sustainable policy and delivery mapping
Woza (IT) - geospatial intelligence solution to analyse environmental impact of new and existing infrastructure

C2 - Agrifood and Water Systems
Agrisiti (NG) - innovative compact farming systems
Cromai (BR) - invasive weed identification
Plug'n'Grow (EG) - farming management technology for arid areas
Roslin Technologies (UK - SCO) - cultivated meat
Rplace (IL) - natural waste water management solutions
SMAPP LAB (HU) - insect infestation alerts for farmers
SpiralData (AUS) - potable water management solutions
Spunvertek (NG) - stand-alone solar water pumping solution for smart irrigation farming
Water Offsets Ltd (UK) - platform facilitating the management, regulation and creation of water credits
Wop Station (IT) - platform harnessing satellite data to optimize water resources and energy use in agriculture.

C3 - Decarbonisation
CiRCLR (NZ) - waste reduction and reuse platform integrating into supply chains
Hubble.sh (AUS) - modelling to optimise energy efficiency, renewable energy utilisation, and carbon reduction in buildings.
INTELIGG P.C. (GR) - Building Energy Management
Systems (BEMS) applied on HVAC/lighting systems
LightMirror (LT) - reflective panels that bring sunlight into hospitals and care homes, reducing the need for artificial lighting and heating.
Triangle Digital (US) - o/s that triangulates and translates climate and finance data in a 3-part kit to achieve climate resilience.
Over the next seven weeks, companies will gain insights from, and exposure to, our participating #govtech programme teams. Through this engagement we bring together our companies with policy makers, procurers, innovators and investors from around the world.

The 15 participating programmes are: 
- Egypt - Applied Innovation Center - MCIT;
- Nigeria  - Nigeria Climate Innovation Center  
- Brazil - BrazilLAB / CIETEC / InvestSP;
- US / EUR - Civic Software Foundation
- Belgium - paradigm.brussels ;
- Greece - GRNET - Greek Research & Technology Network;
- Italy  - Team Digitale ;
- Lithuania - GovTech Lab Lithuania;
- Norway - StartOff
- Scotland - The Scottish Government Entrepreneurship Division;
- Spain - GOBE | Estudio Govtech

- New Zealand - Creative HQ
- South Australia - Department for Industry, Innovation and Science Go2Gov; ,

Next stop #COP28.

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